Welcome to SurviveOurArk
Hosting since July 2018

Server Rates
Server Maps
Experience x3.0
Harvest x5.0 to x10.0
Taming x10.0
Baby Mature x30.0
Egg Incubation x100.0
Dedicated Event Server PvP
The Island PvE
The Center PvE
Scorched Earth PvE
Ragnarok PvE
Aberration PvE
Extinction PvE
Valguero PvE
Genesis PvE

What to expect by joining us?
We pride ourselves on our community and do our upmost to keep it toxic free. We do have some rules in discord we expect everyone to keep to for a peaceful experience on our servers.

We host weekly fun events that everyone is welcome to join on our dedicated event server where you can win great prizes.

We host a auction once a week where we auction off saved dinos and you can join us and bid on any of them for poly which you can grind over the week for free.

We have a donation system where you can donate to support our network gain a discord role and obtain BerryBush seeds that you can use to buy from our store, all donations made on SurviveOurArk are put directly back into hosting and upgrading costs to keep us all surviving. This isn't pay to win if you cant or don't want to donate you can collect BerryBush seeds from drops or killing alpha dinos and you also gain free BerryBush from killing our alpha bosses, so either way anyone can use our donation shop.

Sounds good how can I find you?
Connecting To Our Ark Servers:
Click Join Ark then in the server list change the session filter to "UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS" an in the Name Filter type "SoA" an you should be greeted with a list of all our servers.

Our Server list/name: - Network Status -
Here are links to our Facebook & Discord, click the images to join us

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